Scare Tactics Rises Again!


Scare Tactics is the hit hidden camera series with a Sci Fi twist. The comedy/reality show hosted by Tracy Morgan (30 Rock, SNL) takes advantage of the age-old practice of friends playing practical jokes on each other. “Boo” is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Scare Tactics is simply “Boo” – with a budget.

Set up by friends and family members, the show’s unwitting “stars” are caught off guard and on camera in elaborately staged horror hoaxes involving movie-style special effects and expert make-up. From alien abductions to encounters with the undead to brushes with the paranormal, it’s all about making people “believe the unbelievable”.

What separates Scare Tactics from other hidden camera shows is the cinematic shooting and editing style that gives each piece the look and feel of a scary movie. In the end, our audience delights in being “in on the joke”, first laughing AT our victims, then WITH them as the prank is revealed.


Scare Tactics pranks have been voted #1 in ALL FOUR of VH1’s “40 Greatest Pranks” specials. Also, VH1’s “The Short List” ranked the Scare Tactics babysitting prank, “Channeling the Dead” as the #1 Reality Show Freak Out of all time!

Originally airing on the Syfy Channel, the premiere episode of Scare Tactics was the most watched cable program in adults 18-49. Delivery among males 18-49 and 18-34 was the best ever for a series premiere in Syfy Channel History.

Scare Tactics is seen in 70+ territories all over the world.

20 thoughts on “Scare Tactics Rises Again!

  1. I was hoping this show would come back! I’ve wanted to prank a co-worker that likes to scare me all the time, I really hope Scare Tactics can help me out!

  2. I’m a scare actor who would love to be apart of your cast. My name is Andrea Greenway.

    Check out my website and from there you can click to the upper left hand side and find my professional and entertainment resume, please go to:

    I tried to post my size card from Actors Access, if you want you can look me up as well there. I’m also on Facebook (look me up with my entertainment website to see more photos) and Instagram (@sober228)

    Thank you for your time and support!

  3. How do get set up somebody on this show?
    I’ve been trying very hard to contact “anybody” to get some information.
    Does this show still run?
    How are you doing a new post on YouTube every week, and yet, it’s impossible to talk to somebody on setting up a friend?

  4. I’m super excited to see the show go on for another season! This kind of stuff never gets old to me, I usually am in stitches just watching peoples reactions to the different scenarios! I have a question though, I’d really like to sign up my friend though as an innocent unknowingly bystander to be on the show! where can I contact you guy’s to send an application/enrollment information in order to do that?
    -Thank you for your time!
    Scared-Really, (I mean Sincerely!) A.

  5. Hey guys!
    My name is Michael and I am 40 yrs old and live and work in shelton wa. my oldest son who is now 23 has been pulling pranks on the rest of the family since he was only 5 yrs old; no one ever seems to get him back by way of pranking or scaring so i submit to you that he would be a prime candidate for youre show and whats more he is a pretty emotional guy so this would be awesome if we could get him back…thanks for your consideration! (360)280-7528

    • If you would like to have Scare Tactics prank a friend or relative, please send us an e-mail at Extra points (and a better chance of being on the show) for video submissions. Please do not send us any video of your own pranks and we do not recommend doing anything seen in the show. We look forward to hearing from you.

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